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Director's Thoughts

My name is Richard Porter. I am executive director of the

Hale County Literacy Council.

As with many of my board members, I share the belief
that “literacy” goes beyond simply learning to read and
write. “Literacy” is learning, at all levels.

With that thought in mind, my desire is to work with
community professional, business and volunteer
organizational leaders to find ways to fill whatever gaps
may exist in the community’s education process. While
that includes traditional “literacy” programs such as ESL
and citizenship training, it also will include job readiness
training, office and business computer skills training, life
skills training and self-esteem enhancement.

I came to Plainview in the 1990s to work for the Plainview
Daily Herald, where I served as chief photographer
and ag editor. I also covered education, rural industrial
development and county government. This allowed me to
see firsthand how communities such as Plainview provide a better standard of living for their residents, but it also made
me acutely aware of areas of continued need. That awareness was enhanced by my service on the Missions Committee for
First Baptist Church, Plainview and as a volunteer for various mission projects.

Following my work at the Herald, I spent a couple of years working as assistant director of communications at my alma
mater, Wayland Baptist University and then dove into the non-profit sector as the director of mission advancement for the
YMCA of Plainview Association. I cut my teeth as an administrator serving as the branch manager for the Association’s
Brownfield branch.

I was excited when I was given the opportunity to continue to serve Plainview and the surrounding communities as
Director of the Hale County Literacy Council. I am proud of the many ways the organization has served Plainview in the
past and am passionate about leading it into the future with more relevant programming.

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