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Meet Our Board 

Doug Warren-(02-07-24)-IMG_8195_edited.jpg

Doug Warren

Currently Doug is our president. He is a faculty member at Wayland Baptist University and gives his thoughts on the importance of Literacy: "As communication becomes more and more critical in our world, literacy serves as the cornerstone of empowerment and advancement. By fostering literacy, we unlock doors to a brighter future for individuals and communities alike. A society where its citizens can read, write, and comprehend is a society that thrives collectively."

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Kelly Shackelford

Kelly is HCLC's vice president and is an educator With the Plainview Independent School District.


She explained, "I joined the Hale County Literacy Council to become more involved in my community and to make connections outside of my profession."

Jeff Earhart headshot Dec 2017-(08-15-19).jpg

Jeff Earhart

Jeff Earhart serves as the treasurer for the Hale County Literacy Council..


He is the president of Earhart Engineering, Inc. and is a consulting engineer, working primarily with small telephone companies. He joined the board on request, but it has turned out to be a good fit.


“I had been looking for ways to get involved with the community, so when I was asked to join the board, it just seemed like something I should do,” he said.


As a local business owner, Jeff particularly likes the training programs HCLC offers.

“Job readiness training is probably my favorite part of what HCLC does. Teaching skills that people need in order to get jobs is an asset not only to the trainee but to businesses in the community.”

Ellysa Harris.jpg

Ellysa Harris

My name is Ellysa Harris and I am the secretary for the Hale County Literacy Council.


I am married to Joshua Harris. We do not have kids yet but we have two dogs, Russell and Maya, who keep us entertained. In our free time, we love to travel.


I am editor of the Plainview Herald and the Muleshoe Journal. I got into journalism because I enjoy learning new things and meeting new people.


I chose to join the Hale County Literacy Council because I’m a lifelong reader. I’ve always enjoyed reading and I initially liked the idea of simply providing people with the tools to be able to share in that enjoyment.

Dr. Rebekah Crowe-(10-17-23).jpg

Dr. Rebekah Crowe

My name is Dr. Rebekah Crowe. I am a Professor of History and the Dean of the School of Behavioral & Social Sciences at Wayland Baptist University.


I choose to be a member of the Hale County Literacy Council Board because I have spent my life loving books and reading and I am passionate about sharing that gift with as many people in our area as possible.


I am also the liaison with the expansion to Floyd County.

Josie Walker 1-IMG_0527.jpg

Josie Walker

Josie is an administrator with the Lockney Independent School District, and she is an active member of Primera Iglesia Bautista of Plainview.


As an educator and administrator, she sees her work with HCLC as an extension of her career, and she understands that there is more to “literacy” than simply being able to read and write.


“Literacy is not just about not being able to read, it is about not being able to function in today’s society,” she said, adding that it is a critical part of vocational training and job skills.


Still, while Josie the administrator understands the importance of literacy in an individual becoming employable and self-sufficient, Josie the educator knows the joy that can come from being able to read a good book, and that is why she enjoys being part of the Hale County Literacy Council.


 “I want to promote a love of reading as a hobby, not as a necessity,” she said.

Rene Kayler-(06-06-24).jpg

Renee Kayler

Renee is an educator with the Plainview Independent School District.


"I joined the HCLC board to help promote literacy in our community. I also am a teacher and have a lifelong passion for reading. I’m motivated to empower individuals to gain the skills necessary to succeed in today’s society," she said.

Jordyn Davis-(06-06-24).jpeg

Jordyn Davis

Jordyn is a staff member at Wayland Baptist University.


She explained, "I have such a deep love for reading and a passion for literacy so joining the Hale County Literacy Council was a no brainer. I am so excited to serve my community in this way!"

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