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Why Learn to Code

Why should you participate in a Girls Who Code club? Well, according to a research report by Accenture and Girls Who Code there are a lot of opportunities for girls/women who have computer science backgrounds, but a relatively small number of qualified job applicants.

  • The computing industry’s rate of job creation in the U.S. is now three times the U.S. national average. This rapid expansion of the computing workforce means that computing skills – with coding at the core – are the most sought-after skills in the American job market. (Information provided by "Cracking the Gender Code: Getting 3X More Women in Computing.")

  • Yet amid this boom, research by Accenture and Girls Who Code shows that women’s share of the U.S. computing workforce is declining. On current trends, women will hold only one in five computing jobs in the U.S. by 2025. This is a crisis with severe implications for America’s place in the global economy and for the future of women. (Information provided by "Cracking the Gender Code: Getting 3X More Women in Computing.")

But you're not a computer person. In fact, you really don't even like computers. You had much rather be playing sports, performing in the band and choir or just hanging out with your friends. Besides, computer science people are always working on big, global projects like how to better predict the weather and stuff like that.

Consider this.

  • What if your marching band needed a computer program or app that helped members learn the marching show beyond just their spot in the line?

  • What if the director needed or wanted a way to design his/her own shows using an app that coordinated the chosen music with the ways to move the students into proper position?

  • What if your athletic coach need a way to design plays and teach them to his/her players.

  • What if you are a youth sports coach and you need a way to set up and manage parent volunteer efforts such as providing team snacks and keeping the score book?

  • What if your personal trainer need a way to set up your training sessions, demonstrate proper workout technique and track results?

All of these have technology solutions that present opportunities for women with computer coding experience.

Be creative. Don't sell yourself short. Learn to code.

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